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A brass Mughal writing box, late C19th - see how many parts there are to this piece

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Asian and Islamic Art Collection

The Alexander Merchant Art website exhibits our permanent collection of Asian and Islamic art.  Our principal interests lie in Mughal and other Indian metalwork, and such objects form the majority of our collection.  Mughal and Indian works are supplemented by pieces from Central Asia and Sri Lanka.

In addition, we offer a resource for those interested in Asian and Islamic history and art.  We hope you enjoy browsing.


These pages support a general bibliography on Asian and Islamic history and art, together with related articles and links.  We hope you find them helpful.

Buying and Selling

Alexander Merchant Art invests in Asian and Islamic Art.  Whilst all enquiries are very welcome, no objects on this site are for sale.  Instead, may we refer you to the Michael Backman Gallery, which deals in many fine Indian, Islamic and Asian items.